“Before Kevin, I was self-deprecating in my speech and felt that I needed to be the center of attention to overcompensate for low self-esteem. I was directionless and into projects and events that I did not really choose in order to be accepted. I was scattered and always busy doing what? I did not stand up for myself. Luckily, I had a supportive husband and several friends who did not take advantage of me.

Kevin is an excellent listener and has the ability to poke my nose into areas that need attention. He is intuitive in knowing when to back off and rearrange our discussions to be fruitful. Along with wisdom, borne of his personal experiences, he leads me to develop practical ways to direct my behavior into projects that promote self-growth. I have ways to direct my emotions into positive activities instead of just spinning, gyrating into more stress. I have learned to use dulcimeditation to move me from stress into a calm mind. He has introduced the concept of self-love and I have arranged my day to include joyful activities. I plan my day instead of having whatever comes down the pike and me reacting to that.

With my learning with Kevin, I like myself and feel that I have become a better, more productive musician. I have goals for the core values of my life. I am better at listening and found that I deepened my relationships by appreciating others more. I have learned to do what I want to do rather than responding to pressures from others. I feel in control and am very happy. My future is exciting now that I am in charge.”


“I have tried changing how I deal with stress and bring more peace and joy into my life. It was more and more obvious I wasn’t and couldn’t do this on my own. Kevin’s coaching, guidance and learning how Dulcimeditation can bring lasting change is working. In a very short time I’ve progressed further than I thought possible. He has given me tools geared to deal with my specific stresses. Kevin made it possible for me to begin making decisions effectively bringing less stress and now having more of what I want from life. I am using what I’m learning on a daily basis and following through. Following through hadn’t been one of my strong suits. Now in future when finding myself off track, what I’m learning and the tools will quickly put me back on the rails so to speak. Thank you Kevin for this new journey and beginning of my forever new life. ”
K. O'Neal

“Kevin’s music is beautiful. My three-year-old even falls asleep to his lullabies every night. His ambient dulcimer music is calming, and lovely. Kevin helped me sleep better and helped create ‘me’ time which I love. I’ve even started my own business online.”

Jill Foster

“I appreciate Kevin’s personable and direct approach. He makes the process relatable and uses a perceptive approach to meet you where you’re at. The session have been important to define and revisit what’s really important to me, and to have someone on my team feels like a huge support”
Kramer Dahl

“Kevin’s music, and personal approach is cascading and beautifully meditative. The ebb and flow feels like a dance with consciousness, a soundtrack for the space between waking and sleep, a juxtaposition of engagement and release”
Perry Gladtone

“Kevin’s insights are profound. There are many great coaches out there, but rarely amazing teachers. Kevin is both. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to see my dreams realized through our continued work together.”
Steve Garjohn

“It was such a pleasure to get to know you. I’m getting fabulous notes of appreciation for the event. All the guests had a marvelous time. You really know how to connect with and delight an audience. I’m posting comments everywhere I can.”
Mary Walker

“Great friend, great talent. He sings like a bird and plays the most luscious dulcimer you’ll ever hear.”
Mary Travers, Peter Paul & Mary

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