“Kevin has been my life coach for the last year. When I contacted Kevin, I did not feel like myself anymore. I had just had my first child, my husband had lost his job of 30 years and I was feeling very lost.

Working with Kevin has helped me with my internal strength, reflection of myself and others as well as my spirituality. Kevin is a wonderful and unique teacher. He cleverly finds and appreciates the humor in the ups and downs and since working with him I have been able to do the same. He has taught me how to implement better boundaries with my loved ones and has shown me how “not stepping in it” will keep life peaceful.

Things felt so out of control before Kevin. I was like a feather in the wind getting blown this way and that. Now I feel a quiet anchor that is always there and I am not so affected by things that I cannot control and other people’s behavior. I am much more of a spectator in this crazy show and even when I do “get on stage” I do it in a different way now. I am aware of myself and of not getting caught up in the drama of others.

Kevin has also helped me to find joy in the little things. While accomplishing great feats is wonderful, sometimes our happiest times are found sitting with a cup of tea or taking a walk with a beloved pet. Kevin is a really good example of a person who has chosen his paths carefully and with great thought. He is intentional in his decisions and how he lives his life and spends his days here on earth. I think we would all benefit greatly by living this way and Kevin is a true inspiration in that regard.

I highly recommend Kevin if you are looking to find clarity, awareness and really want to whack through the weeds. It takes work but in the end, you will be different and changed for the better. In turn everyone and everything around you will change for the better as well. As Kevin always says “when you change the way you look at something the thing, you’re looking at changes. This is so true, and we are blessed to have such a choice. Thank you, Kevin.”

Claire Mayer

“When I took Kevin Roth’s Dulcimeditation class in a dulcimer workshop, I was searching for something to calm my mind and help me move through the difficult time following the sudden loss of my husband.

As I listened to Kevin describe how he works with a client to create a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life, part of me wanted to sign up on the spot. The other part of me was unsure about the financial commitment; I had never paid someone to help me work through difficult situations. Maybe I should just be my usual self-reliant self and muddle through on my own.

Then I thought of the daunting memories, doubts, and work that I was facing in selling the home my husband built and that we loved living in for 35 years. I was overwhelmed and knew I needed help. While many family members and friends were ready to help, they all had busy lives as well as pre-conceived thoughts about what I should do with the rest of my life. I needed help of a different kind.

The intelligence, creativity, and compassion that Kevin showed just during his workshop convinced me that I would learn a great deal, and perhaps a new way to think and live.

I made the leap not imagining the extent of just how invaluable the life-changing journey I was about to travel with him would be.  It was one of the best decisions of my life.

He was the one person who was there every week (via Zoom) during my six-month process of cleaning out, selling, finding a new home and moving. His ability to see the big picture and recognize and solve problems kept me moving forward. He simplified things, helped me find clarity, and gave me tools to rebalance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Every week, he was there to ask, “How is Sharon?”

Today, I am enjoying living in a new home in the beautiful north Georgia mountains and creating a life I love.

The journey of learning from his wisdom, spiritual insights, and life experiences has continued for almost two years now.

He has motivated me to assess what is important to my quality and enjoyment of life; he has helped me find the capacity for joy again; and his wonderful, rich sense of humor has made me laugh all along the way.”

Sharon Dolliver

“When I first met Kevin Roth, I was struck by his extraordinary skill as a musician, but I also realized he had a special perceptual gift for people and their problems. As I was at a crossroads in my life, I signed up for his life coaching.

Kevin’s unique approach helped me see into my very complicated life, get to the actual root of the issues, and see what I needed to understand.
Additionally, Kevin has applied his musical expertise to the dulcimer as a facilitator of insight. The dulcimer is famed for its ease of play, but it is also a profound amplifier of your own inner spaces. It allows you to find the right path for you-the path that speaks to your inner heart.

Kevin’s life coaching is a rich, multifaceted, and sophisticated process that gave me insight and helped me get past stuck places. I choose to take both the life coaching and the dulcimer experience. Either or both would be an excellent choice.

It is a special gift you can give to yourself that will accompany you far into the future.”

Dr. Stephanie Taylor

M.D., Ph.D.,, https://womanswellspring.com/

“Before Kevin, I was self-deprecating in my speech and felt that I needed to be the center of attention to overcompensate for low self-esteem. I was directionless and into projects and events that I did not really choose in order to be accepted. I was scattered and always busy doing what? I did not stand up for myself. Luckily, I had a supportive husband and several friends who did not take advantage of me.

Kevin is an excellent listener and has the ability to poke my nose into areas that need attention. He is intuitive in knowing when to back off and rearrange our discussions to be fruitful. Along with wisdom, borne of his personal experiences, he leads me to develop practical ways to direct my behavior into projects that promote self-growth. I have ways to direct my emotions into positive activities instead of just spinning, gyrating into more stress. I have learned to use dulcimeditation to move me from stress into a calm mind. He has introduced the concept of self-love and I have arranged my day to include joyful activities. I plan my day instead of having whatever comes down the pike and me reacting to that.

With my learning with Kevin, I like myself and feel that I have become a better, more productive musician. I have goals for the core values of my life. I am better at listening and found that I deepened my relationships by appreciating others more. I have learned to do what I want to do rather than responding to pressures from others. I feel in control and am very happy. My future is exciting now that I am in charge.

Kevin looks right at the problem at hand with his professional and warm demeanor and gives me really good suggestions on how to fix it. He coordinates what we’ve done the week before, so we are ready to jump right in where we left off, allowing room for something that’s come up that I need to deal with.
He’s made my life so much better.  I’m not as fearful as I’ve been about having cancer. I am able to enjoy relationships I’ve had in the past that I have but just been away from for so long. Now I feel like I’m on the path to having a happy, less stressed life with tools to keep from stumbling over ineffective decisions of the past”

Sharon Porter

“Before I began working with Kevin Roth, I suffered from a crisis of faith following several traumatic military deployments. I had lost my sense of security and spiritual grounding in life. After learning Kevin’s Dulcimeditation relaxation techniques, I quickly rediscovered inner peace and harmony in my life.

As a life coach, Kevin showed me how God was with me all along, which further restored and strengthened my faith. In just a few months, I became more spiritually resilient and fulfilled in life. I also tapped into a deeper source of spirit-led creativity for composing ambient, instrumental mountain dulcimer music to soothe my soul.

I highly recommend Kevin Roth’s Dulcimeditation and Life Coaching services to anyone seeking less stress and more success in life.”

Rev. Dr. Brian Bohlman/ Dulcimer Instrumentalist

“I started doing meditation a little over 3 years ago for various reasons.  Around that same time, I saw a posting of Kevin’s talking about his “dulcimeditation” and thought “Why not?-  I play dulcimer, I’m getting into meditation, seems like something to investigate.”  I had recently retired from a very stressful job where I had to be a “type A” control freak all the time in order to get things accomplished.  That behavior did not translate well into retirement.  That’s why I looked into meditation.  A search for “migraine and anger” brought meditation up as the first choice.  But I was doing it on my own, using the Calm app and doing readings.

Kevin had a lot of questions he asked prior to our first Zoom meeting.  The most thought- provoking one, and one that I sadly couldn’t answer, was “When was the last time you did something for yourself?” That was a truly eye- opening moment. I was a daughter (my mom is still alive and just turned 92). I was a mom, I was a wife, I was a grandma. I was no longer a scientist but had been since I was 20. I was a dulcimer player, but my husband and I were a duet. But doing something totally for myself? Without thought as to what effect it would have on the others in my life? I honestly couldn’t come up with a single thing.
Kevin began to dig deeper. He gave me “tools” to use to help me deal with riding the waves in life. He steered me toward readings that he thought would interest me on what reality is and isn’t search into quantum physics, knowing what an analytical and scientific mind I had.
He got to know the real me, the people in my life and how they interacted with me and me with them, the passions in my life, the things I did or didn’t want to do.
Kevin and I met weekly or so by Zoom for 2 years.  But I truly didn’t realize how much he had helped me grow as a person and grow to “ride the wave” until this past February.  My husband, soul mate, music partner (I could go on forever) died suddenly and unexpectedly on Feb 13, 2023.

Without the tools Kevin had worked with me on, particularly journaling and knowing what reality is and isn’t, but also realizing I have no control, there is no way I would have survived the past 6 months with my mind intact. And knowing he was always one text message away, plus him checking on me, has been truly wonderful in a very horrible time.
Little did I know that “Why not?” would turn into a life changing and lifesaving experience for me.”

Missy Strothers

“I have tried changing how I deal with stress and bring more peace and joy into my life. It was more and more obvious I wasn’t and couldn’t do this on my own. Kevin’s coaching, guidance and learning how Dulcimeditation can bring lasting change is working. In a very short time I’ve progressed further than I thought possible. He has given me tools geared to deal with my specific stresses.

Kevin made it possible for me to begin making decisions effectively bringing less stress and now having more of what I want from life. I am using what I’m learning on a daily basis and following through.

Following through hadn’t been one of my strong suits. Now in future when finding myself off track, what I’m learning and the tools will quickly put me back on the rails so to speak. Thank you Kevin for this new journey and beginning of my forever new life. ”

K. O'Neal

“I appreciate Kevin’s personable and direct approach. He makes the process relatable and uses a perceptive approach to meet you where you’re at. The session have been important to define and revisit what’s really important to me, and to have someone on my team feels like a huge support”
Kramer Dahl

“Kevin’s insights are profound. There are many great coaches out there, but rarely amazing teachers. Kevin is both. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to see my dreams realized through our continued work together.”
Steve Garjohn