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1975: Kevin Roth Sings and Plays Dulcimer (Folkways Records)
1976: Somebody Give Me Direction (Folkways Records)
1976: The Other Side of the Mountain (Folkways Records)
1977: The Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Album (Folkways Records
1978: The First Few Words: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Album, Vol. 2 (Folkways Records)
1979: Dulcimer Instruction Album (Folkways Records)
1980: New Wind (Folkways Records)
1981: The Living and the Breathing Wind (Folkways Records)
1981: Women (Folkways Records)
1982: Dulcimer Man (Folkways Records)
1982: The Quiet Times (Folkways Records)
1983: Don’t Wait For Me and Songs of the First Decade (Folkways Records)
1983: High on the Mountain (Folk Tradition Records)
1986: Unbearable Bears (Marlboro Records)
1986: Oscar Bingo and Buddies (Marlboro Records)
1987: After the Rain (Marlboro Records)
1987: Strings of Joy (Marlboro Records)
1987: The Secret Journey (Marlboro Records)
1988: The Sandman… (Marlboro Records)
1988: Animal Crackers and Other Tasty Tunes (Marlboro Records)
1992: The Gentleness of Living (Marlboro Records)
1992: Daddysongs (Sony Kids)
1992: Dinosaurs & Dragons (Sony Kids)
1992: Lullabies for Little Dreamers (Sony Kids)
1992: The Toy Maker’s Christmas (Marlboro Records)
1992: Voyages (Flying Fish)
1994: Travel Song Sing Alongs (Marlboro Records)
1994: Camp & Fireside Songs (Marlboro Records)
1995: Adventures of Sir Rabbit & Bunny Junction (Marlboro Records)
1996: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Marlboro Records)
1997: Train Songs & Other Tracks (Marlboro Records)
1998: Train Song Sing Alongs (Star Gazer Productions)
1998: Choo Choo Tunes and Other Children’s Favorites (Star Gazer Productions)
2001: Baby’s Lullabies & Morning Wake Up Songs (Star Gazer Productions)
2001: Holiday Songs on the Dulcimer (Star Gazer Productions)
2001: America: Songs of Hope & Freedom (Star Gazer Productions)
2002: The Sunflower Collection (Star Gazer Productions)
2003: Children’s First Songs (Star Gazer Productions)
2003: Music of the Soul Zither (Star Gazer Productions)
2003: Searching for Angels (Star Gazer Productions)
2004: Dulcimer World (Star Gazer Productions)
2005: Animal Songs for Children (Star Gazer Productions)
2005: One Big Family (Star Gazer Productions)
2006: Between the Notes (Star Gazer Productions)
2007: (Wabby Wabbit’s) Lullabies and Snuggle Songs (Star Gazer Productions)
2007: Children’s Classic Songs (Star Gazer Productions)
2007: Folk Songs for Little Folks (Star Gazer Productions)
2008: Wabby Wabbit’s Lullabies & Snuggle Songs (Star Gazer Productions)
2009: Autoharp Songs and Solos (Kevin Roth Music)
2009: The Adventures of Wabby Wabbit (Star Gazer Productions)
2011: My Quiet Times: Hammer Dulcimer Lullaby Instrumentals (My Quiet Times LLC)
2015: Awakenings (Star Gazer Productions)
2016: Reawakening (Neworld Multimedia LLC)
2019: The Deviant Dulcimerist (Star Gazer Productions)
2023: Songs from the Book Between the Notes (Kevin Roth Music)
2023: Dulcimer Dreamland (Kevin Roth Music)

Roth with Ola Belle Reed

1976: My Epitaph: A Documentary in Song and Lyric (Folkways Records)
1976: Rising Sun Melodies (Folkways Records)
1978: All In One Evening (Folkways Records)

Roth with Janet Biely

2000: Mozart and Me (Star Gazer Productions)
2002: A Merry Mozart Christmas (Star Gazer Productions)

Roth with Janet Jackson Witman

2000: Celtic Harp & Other Lullabies (Star Gazer Productions)
2009: Music of the Harp: Celtic, Zither & Autoharp, Vol. 1 (Kevin Roth & Janet Jackson Witman)
2009: Music of the Harp: Celtic, Zither & Autoharp, Vol. 2 (Kevin Roth & Janet Jackson Witman)

Roth with Cheyenne Luzader

2003: Guided Imagery for Stress Release and Relaxation with Soul Zither Music and Sounds of the Ocean (Star Gazer Productions)


2012: Even When I’m Long Gone (Star Gazer Productions)
2012: Citizen’s Insurance (Citi-Sin) (Star Gazer Productions)
2021: Dulcimeditation (Kevin Roth Music)

By Paula Friedman