Custom Dulcimeditations

I create customized audio Dulcimeditations that include spoken word and music. Each dulcimeditation is unique to each customer. The topics and length vary depending on what is requested. The average meditation is about 20 minutes; however, many people ask for just a 10-minute one so they can use it as a tool throughout the day or at night before bedtime to relax. These are emailed as an MP3 audio link for personal use only.
If you are interested in having one created for you, please contact me at [email protected]


“I was pleasantly surprised when I received my custom meditation from Kevin. Meditation was always a struggle for me, I wasn’t sure Kevin could help. Before getting the meditation, I had reached a point where I would get up in the morning more tired than when I went to bed. Everything from my job to things I usually enjoyed became a difficult chore.
From the first time I heard the meditation, I began to be able to relax truly. My sleep has improved dramatically. I drift off, listening to the music and Kevin’s soothing voice. I have noticed an improvement in sleep, energy, and confidence. Kevin has given me a gift beyond measure!
I have plans to get another custom meditation soon”.

K Shaw

“I am loving the two custom dulcimeditations that Kevin Roth created for me. The first one provides gentle, reassuring words that hold deep meaning for my personal journey to a more peaceful and fulfilling life; words that calm my mind and encourage my heart. The second one is relaxation meditation. His comforting voice guides my mind and body through a progressive relaxation process and lulls me to restful sleep. In each specially created dulcimeditation, the beautiful, mesmerizing music of his dulcimer soothes away anxiety and quiets the mind”.
S. Dolliver

“I am a cancer patient and getting good deep sleep is essential for my health. I feel very lucky to have found Kevin and to have his talents enhance my life.
I have always been a light sleeper. I hear every creak in every house I lay my head down in. Before Kevin created my audio tracks, I would carry worries to bed with me and often lose sleep. Kevin Roth made me two personal tracks just for me. The first one was an affirmation track that reminds me that I am loved and that I have many qualities that are good for others and myself in this world. It lasts about 20 minutes and is accompanied by his dulcimer playing and his sonorous speaking voice. As I lay in bed it buoys me into peace. I can use this track at all hours of the day when I’m stressed or when I just need to take a break. It’s a tool I use for self-care.
He also made me a track that was just instrumental. I asked for it because sometimes I just need music to take me out of this world and into my sleep state. It is very lulling. It doesn’t take very long for me to fall into a peaceful place.
I have both tracks on an iPad by the bed and by my resting chair so that I have them when I need them. I am enjoying better sleep and health”.

Sharon Porter

“What makes Kevin’s dulcimeditation stand out from all the other meditation recordings and apps I’ve used is not only his unique playing style but his almost metaphysical way of addressing my personal concerns. I listen to the first one in the mornings as a guide. He also created just an instrumental dulcimeditation for me to wind down my day which I listen to at night right before bed.
To say his dulcimer playing is soothing and beautiful is an understatement. He’s known for his dulcimer playing, but few know about his ability to write spoken-word meditations. I’m sure once word gets out, he’ll gain the recognition he deserves for that as well.”

J. Adams