Music Testimonials

“It was such a pleasure to get to know you. I’m getting fabulous notes of appreciation for the event. All the guests had a marvelous time. You really know how to connect with and delight an audience. I’m posting comments everywhere I can.”
Mary Walker

Peter, Paul & Mary

“Great friend, great talent. He sings like a bird and plays the most luscious dulcimer you’ll ever hear.”
Mary Travers, Peter Paul & Mary

“Kevin’s music, and personal approach is cascading and beautifully meditative. The ebb and flow feels like a dance with consciousness, a soundtrack for the space between waking and sleep, a juxtaposition of engagement and release”
Perry Gladtone

“Kevin’s music is beautiful. My three-year-old even falls asleep to his lullabies every night. His ambient dulcimer music is calming, and lovely. Kevin helped me sleep better and helped create ‘me’ time which I love. I’ve even started my own business online.”

Jill Foster

Was it through the second or third encore, you had the audience totally under your spell
David Flemming

The Grand Opera House

Like a Picasso of lyrics, he weaves dulcet melodies around meaningful lyrics creating an ambiance of astonishing depth and beauty
Jyll Brockson

South Street Concert Series

His music is thought provoking. His mellifluous voice and dulcimer playing is both rare and enchanting. His body of work is proof there’s something magnificent still going on.

Phila Inquirer

Like a glass of Merlot for the soul, Kevin Roth continues to gain an intoxicating richness and insight that both inspires and delights

Bucks County Times