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I was thinking about this waitress and how much she helped shape my life. This is from my book “Between the Notes”. I never knew her name, but I never forgot that night!

One New Year’s Eve back in my mid-twenties, I was in Portland, Maine, on a concert tour, depressed as hell. I had
just performed at a concert where everyone was celebrating. I, on the other hand, was alone in a city where I knew no one, and it was New Year’s Eve. Maine was nearly seven below zero, which gave the expression “when hell freezes over” a new meaning. I went to a diner; as I sat by myself, a hefty waitress poured me a cup of coffee, and we began to talk. It was a moment of talking to a stranger I would never see again about anything at all. I poured my heart out.

She followed with her tales to a stranger. Then, the diner was closing, and she asked me to go dancing at an all-
night dance club. “I can’t dance,” I told her when we arrived, and she said, “C’mon, nobody knows you here.”
Under flashing strobe lights, we had some drinks. She bounced me off her huge hips on purpose as we
danced and laughed our asses off to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” For the first time, I danced like
nobody was watching. I didn’t know the waitress’s name, and it didn’t matter. We were strangers in love with being
strangers, confessing stories of ordinary madness, and for a few hours, we lived out loud.

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